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Agency Services

The essence of a successful advertising, marketing and imaging campaign in communications between agency and client. Through ongoing consultation and dialog, a clear understanding for each others objectives and capabilities is achieved. Media Plus works hand in hand with each of its clients to ensure that common goals are realized.

Campaign concept and copy development

It is the Agency’s responsibility to assist its clients in charting the right course for advertising and marketing needs. Through consultation, the Agency assists on developing a marketing plan from concept through copy development, demographic recognition, production and execution.

Media Coordination/Production

The Agency serves as a “hands on” interface between client and media. On behalf of it’s clients, Media Plus negotiates all media rates, commercial or display, placements and production services coordination.

Print Coordination/Production

Media Plus works directly with printing resources to competitively price, produce and coordinate print materials for in-house or external use. From stationary, business cards, brochures, flyers, direct mail to interim and annual reports, the Agency provides full service print coordination and production.


On behalf of its clients, operation with approved budget guidelines, the Agency purchases all advertising and marketing related meterials directly. Newspaper, radio, television and print materials are negotiated at most favorable rates, purchased by the Agency,paid directly by the Agency and subsequently billed to the client at gross rates. Gross rates are neither up charged nor subject to additional fees or costs.

Public Relations

When appropriate, Media Plus will provide Public Relations services on its clients’ behalf by fielding, screening and coordination media and/or public inquires relating to business operations and/or personnel. The agency will also generate and distribute news releases to the media relating to operations and/or personnel when deemed newsworthy.

Digital Marketing

Media Plus has the expertise to create a compete digital marketing strategy for it’s clients. Using the latest trends and techniques in website design, mobile app development, social media marketing, and search engine optimization (SEO), Media Plus is positioned to expand and manage it’s clients digital footprint.

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Media Plus is the largest, oldest full service agency in Shasta County. Since 1981 the agency has earned and maintained a client list of over 60 local businesses and events. We know that running your business is a full time job and marketing usually takes a back seat. But the truth is, people can't beat a path to your door if they don't know you have a door. As a full service agency Media Plus deals with all forms of the media daily. It's our job to know where and when our client's money is best placed. At Media Plus, confidentiality and privacy is extremely important. We do invite you to contact us to find out about our services.

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